If you have a privacy wall or fence, paint it in black and decorate with neutral furnishings for a polished more refined look like Ann Living’s outdoor space here. Your outdoor kitchen prep area could always use more storage. Add a pallet of wood, paint it and add magnetic strips to hold knives and towel rods to hold other essential items like Home on the Bluff did here. If your patio is just a concrete slab, you can easily dress it up with the right furnishings like a colorful or patterned outdoor rug. You can find many outdoor rugs for a great deal on online stores, or you can thrift one from a secondhand store. We love the way this outdoor rug on this patio by Kirsten Diane pulls the entire space together.

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  • Be sure that you have washed and cleaned the suction cup as well.
  • When buying the best window bird feeder, consider the safety and comfort of your feathery friends.
  • Slide it all the way through the bottle and through the other opening.
  • Lego blocks are infinitely versatile so you can build a bird feeder in any shape you choose.

One of the best baby registry checklist things about a window feeder is you can often place them so that squirrels do not have access. From the ground straight up squirrels can jump about 5 feet, and they are able to leap up to 10 feet between objects. This is important to remember when placing your window feeder.

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Also, make sure that you’ve placed your bird feeder feeder in a place where pests can’t reach it. The feeding tray is a very simple feeder suitable for beginners in birding. The feeding tray or platform can be retractable, removable, or non-removable.

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Tara is very curious and spends her day looking out the windows/screen doors, and really enjoys the sights, smells, and sounds. She loves to hunt her toy squeaky mouse and play with her human. Tara loves routines and will quickly learn to recognize yours.

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I have made the unit to be removable, would have gone for 5mm radius corners rather than 3 if I were to reorder . Bought a number of glass like perspex for tops of bedroom furniture. I made my two Grandsons picture frames and used the Acrylic sheets cut to size. Bought these for ‘glass’ shelves for a new cabinet.

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I needed a cover for the top of my dressing table. It arrived really well packaged and is of excellent quality! I am absolutely delighted with the look of the plastic and it is hard to imagine it is not plastic. I broke my glass fridge shelf and needed a replacement. Altogether excellent service which saved me having to buy a new fridge.

Wrap pinecones in pulled felt and create these adorable sheep with your kids. Pinecones are super spiky, so of course you should make little hedgehogs with them. Your children can have their very own spiky friends to sit on their windowsill or bedside table. They are the perfect natural material for making craft with, and there’s so much you can do with them. Collect a bag of pinecones with your kids and get creative. Mix seeds with old recycled paper to create textured, decorative paper that you can use in art activities or gift to others.